Fashion photoshoot 2014 June

June 2014 Media Pennsylvania

I spent an afternoon working with a few great people, including a wonderful hair and makeup artist named Christina Savarese. We had the honor of working with the very lovely Irina who was more than accommodating and professional in front of the camera. This was my first ever photo shoot that wasn’t initiated by a family or family event. This was purely about having fun with different looks and working with a particular model on capturing photos that worked for me.

Working with Christina and Irina was a pleasure. Christina was able to bring together some very different looks and all the while the amount and quality of the makeup lent itself to an easy workflow. My final edits of each photo were easy as the makeup lent itself perfectly to photography by leaving out any uneven or ‘hot’ spots.

For the first set of pictures, I was going for a very classic look that evoked the print style of the late 1970’s.

IMG_1992 IMG_2007 IMG_2016 IMG_2017 IMG_2032 IMG_2063

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